The Imperfect Pod is a forum for discussing masculinity more intentionally and purposefully. As I've gotten older, I've realized how much masculinity has become a prominent topic within society. It gets a lot of hate - specifically around the language of toxic masculinity. However, I believe that masculinity, done correctly, is a source of good within society. That doesn't mean that the current stage of masculinity is acceptable - men can be better - but the conversations need to be had. As such, my podcast is a platform where I engage with men of all ages, races, genders and beliefs to share their vulnerabilities and ideas of masculinity. My goal is to build generations of men who love themselves, and others, more deeply and healthily, whatever that means to them. What I want to leave my listeners with after every episode is that there isn't this one-size-fits all idea of masculinity. Nor is the solution to the current state easy. But if we work together and have these conversations, maybe we can see that we're on the right track. Topics of this show include family, relationships, pornography, sex, gender, masculinity, toxic masculinity, growth, addiction and much much more. Noted guests include Jason Lee, Erik Everhard, Marques Ogden and more!

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