Hi, I’m Josh Rachlis, aka Celebrity Josh. Join me as I josh around with celebrities, give my thoughts on entertainment news, and get advice and knowledge from interesting people. On red carpets, I’ve interviewed and draw cartoons for huge stars like Jim Carrey, James Franco, Jessica Chastain, Hailee Steinfeld, Ken Leong and Awkwafina. Now I'm bringing my great conversations to a podcast. I love movies and TV, because I’m an actor and screenwriter. So I’ll be talking to entertainers like actors, comedians and singers. But I also love learning about the world, so I’ll be talking to scientists, politicians, business people, life coaches... Whoever seems interesting. You know how Joe Rogan and Marc Maron interview interesting people? That's what I want to do. I want Barack Obama and Jennifer Lawrence to come chat with me in my garage, like they did with Marc Maron. Except I live in hotels, so maybe we'll chat in a coffee shop. Want to be a guest? Have a comment? Email me at josh@celebrityjosh.com

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