Indie Author Weekly

Sagan Morrow

Indie Author Weekly shares your host, Sagan's, behind-the-scenes journey of writing and publishing books as a self-published authorpreneur. New episodes are released every Tuesday and feature diary-style personal stories of the indie author journey, experiences of what works—and what doesn’t—as an author, plus tips on everything from book marketing to outlining chapters to managing perfectionism to finding writing inspiration and more! You’ll learn practical tips and ideas for getting started with your own writer journey. This indie author podcast can be enjoyed by new and aspiring authors who want to learn more about self-publishing (plus tips and tools for writing and editing your own work), as well as curious bookworms who are interested in getting a peek behind the curtain of a writer’s life. RECOMMENDED STARTING POINT: "Ep 140: Welcome back to the podcast!" AND "Ep 50: What made me start writing the Polyamorous Passions series" AND "Ep 53: Top 5 episodes from the first year of podcasting on Indie Author Weekly (and why I started this podcast)". Indie Author Weekly is hosted by Sagan Morrow, a Kamloops-based writer with more than a decade of experience as a small business owner. Sagan started out as a blogger and freelance writer (and editor) around 2008. In 2016, she began teaching other freelancers how to improve productivity and time management through her online courses. She is an internationally board-certified Success & Life Coach who specializes in solopreneur coaching and anti-hustle productivity. Sagan writes the Polyamorous Passions romantic comedy series, and has published several business books in addition to her work as a romance novelist. She published her first work of fiction in 2018. The first 12 episodes of this podcast were originally published on a “secret” platform only for email subscribers, but you can tune into all of those original episodes right here. Access bonus materials to go along with the Indie Author Weekly podcast (including cheatsheets and spreadsheets relevant to the episode topics), plus full episode transcripts, sample chapters of her novels, and additional resources, at Starting with ep 140, you can also access these podcast episodes on YouTube at more about Sagan’s published works and upcoming novels at Connect with Sagan on Twitter & Instagram: @Saganlives

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