Media Personality and Podcast Host of “The Lovers’ Lounge“ Teena Love is extremely passionate about educating singles and couples regardless of sexuality, racial and ethnic backgrounds and or socioeconomic status about topics related to love, relationships and sex! It is her objective to help couples who are married or in committed relationships to fully enjoy and nurture their relationships to be robust and full of stimulating sex and love. It is also her objective to help singles who either desire to be in committed relationships or marriages to know exactly what they are desiring to embark upon and fully understanding what it takes to have a successful marriage or relationship. Listen to the show to learn, be inspired and or simply be in the know regarding the latest trends in love, sex and relationships, whether you choose to experience them or not. It’s all about broadening your knowledge base regarding the topics. Enjoy “The Lovers’ Lounge!” Come in, kick off our shoes, relax and listen.

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