Shine at Work

Karen D. Weeks

Welcome to the Shine at Work Podcast! I’m your host, Karen Weeks. I’m a transformational career coach who helps career-oriented humans get unstuck and find (and be successful) in careers that bring them joy, fulfillment and success. I believe you should actually love what you do, even on the bad days. That you can find a career that lights you up. Because, spoiler alert, it impacts how bright you shine in your life!!! Every week, I talk to someone who felt stuck in their job and found a way to build a career that's right for them. Because I know what that feels like when your light is dim. I made a career change from theatre to HR and now coaching and at times in my life I had to take a look inside to see what was most important, what made me shine bright, and make adjustments along the way. It’s possible. I did it, my guests did, and I help others do it. I hope you walk away from each episode not just inspired but with some actionable advice. Because you can, and deserve, to shine at work!More about my background...Karen Weeks is the Founder & Principal Coach at KDW Coaching, the host of the Shine at Work podcast, a speaker, published author, Girls in Tech NYC board member and award winning culture leader (currently leading the People team at Ordergroove). My purpose is guiding individuals to get unstuck from a career that is draining them and transform their careers so they can feel the same renewed energy I did all those years ago when I transitioned from theatre to human resources to coaching. I live in NYC with my husband and furry babies! Let's connect: or on my social sites @kdwcoaching_careers

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