The ‘RUN GPG’ Podcast is presented by the Greater PROPERTY Group Real Estate Brokerage. In every episode we have high-level conversations with individuals in the world of Entrepreneurship, Business, Personal Development, Marketing and the Real Estate industry. We learn their stories and lessons learned, and deep dive into valuable information that will help you grow and scale your business, your life, and your real estate career. Every episode has actual boots on the ground tactics, suggestions, and stories, that you can take away and implement into your business, life, and career. We also bring attention to the processes and systems that are proven to accelerate your business by letting you look under the hood of a fast-growing multi-million dollar company and national Real Estate Brokerage. #Bitcoin #Entrepreneurs #Business #Crypto #NFTs #Investors #Realtors #Marketing #Blockchain #Growth RUN GPG: YOUTUBE:

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