This is a podcast for coaches, healers, health and wellness experts and spiritual entrepreneurs ready to grow their business in the most simplified and soul aligned way for them. I'm your host Rachel Foy, Wealth Wound® quantum healer and founder of Wealthy Goddess®. My passion is helping people like you rapidly breakthrough your own upper limits for next level expansion and quantum growth without ever having to following a plan, staregy or business model that bores you to death! This podcast releases every Friday with a mixture of guest interviews and solo episodes where we'll be exploring and diving into topics around mindset mastery, wealth consciousness, business energetics, simple strategy, marketing and feminine leadership and what it truly takes to become a wealthy goddess. You can find this podcast in any podcast app including iTunes, spotify, google podcasts and amazon and if you'd like to subscribe you can do so at Remember who you are gorgeous soul You are limitless. You are powerful. You are magic. This is the Wealthy Goddess® podcast!!

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