Gangs of America; TECH TERRORIST

Gangs of America Gang Stalkers P@L Chris Rigling

The illegal activities that you hear about during this podcast are real and are occurring. MK-ultra provides (along with other hacked into system) this home grown terrorist cell way too much information. *gang stalking *remote neuro link *emf broadcasting VR *yes the kidnappings are real *yes I have tried to report-actually the US District attorneys office was informed about some of them ahead of time. *yes this is a premeditated organized crime ring with all planned out ahead of time and worked over and over again throughout the world. *yes they have kidnapped people from prisons, lied and impersonated law enforcement, attorneys, judges, etc. *always know what’s going on never. Know when these people will cause you to lose your soul , and never be reunited back.*lost souls - Hollywood flex spas- <br /><br />FROSTY (frost mike) the-snowman, didn’t have a soul.<br /> <a href="" rel="noopener"></a> <br /><br />Check out their playbook <br /><a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br /><br />More crucial information as they continue their mind rape murder kidnapping and cyber terrorist attack oh and their telecommunication hacking of all networks all across the globe. Yeah they hacked all cell, data, diol tux (including the one running under the ocean from east coast to Europe) shh that’s a secret. Plus radio satellite and all other frequencies. Questions about that? Ask windstream Nuvox communications of Ohio, Gabriel communications, peerless communications, CORELOGIC, switch box Inc., Accuserve (they took kirks company and using it for money laundering) nick and brother jeff strickmeyer-Compton road. Also Jeff, Darin’s ex boyfriend. He should know. What about the attempted murder of Bruce? How many people have they all killed using ghb manufactured off tylersvile rd? — David jay and his partner should know right!? Casey Findlay, Evan Evans-wait removed and sold for fighting against them. Ken aiko same. What about Tim Robinson, CURTIS MCDANIEL? Tim from Chicago and vince Mcarty? Sold Vince to arizona? Domains by proxy maybe? What about hacking google amazon Facebook columnist WOW- widenopenwest. Threatening torturing and trying to command people- these guys got it down. I will not do what you demand , I will not get over it, bend yourself over the guardrail bitch I’m fucking tired of you fucking tools, douche bag, asshole wannabe Illuminati devil worshipping lying conartist oh yeah be sure to check out all the fraudulent names and identities on website.(where is josh smith ,David post) and my nephew JOSH WYATT. Brian Schaefer taken you the old Wolfe’s bar or taken by tim Wolfe? What about walrus? Strike! Doesn’t Alison or holly have anything to say about the details details details surrounding 65 1/2 smith place Kirk and stawns porn studio? Come on now<br />I’ll just keep putting it out there for the world to know about ALL ABOUT THOSe people involved. I am better than all these people, mines the truth so is yours, look it up on the eye rape monitor or the script stop thinking you can falsify reality and remove the truth from the record books. You have copies of peoples brains and ml-ultra isn’t going to help you since you stole the know how from the government.

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