Inner Rebel

Melissa Bauknight & Jessica Rose

We're Melissa Bauknight, savvy soul business coach and founder of The Nova, and Jessica Rose, an actress and your go-to human design expert. Together, we shatter conventions and dive heart-first into raw, unfiltered conversations with the world's most audacious game-changers and visionaries to unpack what it takes to fearlessly pursue unconventional dreams.  From the lows to the exhilarating highs, Inner Rebel delves into the nitty-gritty of shaping a life that's unapologetically yours.  Embracing our Inner Rebel means breaking free from expectations, daring to question conventional wisdom, and bravely venturing down the path less traveled. It's a rollercoaster of challenges and uncertainty, but we're here to remind you: you're never alone in pursuing your dreams. When we come together in our hot mess of humanity, we unlock the power of connection and create a sense of belonging within ourselves and the world around us. This podcast is inspiration and a soul-deep community all in one place. 

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