What would an R-Rated E.T. film look like? Is Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote actually a secret psychopath? If we could travel back in time what cult would you start? These are just some of the serious questions we tackle on the Super Mega Geek Podcast. So, if you like in-depth analysis of films, TV, books and video games, well, this isn't the podcast for you. If however, you like inappropriate jokes, unqualified opinions and a lot of laughs then tune in each episode as three idiots from Scotland discuss pop culture with a careless abandon for actual facts. Join us each episode as we try and ruin everything, find humour in things that shouldn't be laughed at and say inappropriate things about films, tv shows, games and books that we love, or hate. Find us on Twitter @SMG_PODCAST. Find us on Facebook by searching for Super Mega Geek.

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