What She's Thinking: men's dating & sex questions answered by women

Greg Schwartz, Debug Dating

Men like you submit questions on dating & sex, then I ask a group of women to answer them. As a moderator and a guy, I help them answer in ways men understand. Also, I keep them focused on positive feedback (what they like and want us to do more of), not negative (what they hate that we do). Dating podcasts for men like us tend to be negative feedback from women ("stop ghosting!" "don't be too aggressive!"), or just pick-up artists. Neither are helpful, because dating and sex are about building empathy and connection. So guiding the group of women to focus on positive feedback, and particularly to tell you what they like, is much more helpful. And more fun, too! What would you like to have answered? Please send me your questions, I'd love to get them answered! http://www.debugdating.com/questions

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