Brave New You Tribe podcast is about the business of life and work and the courage it takes to find your way through both. It takes courage to build a brand or business, write a book, live the life you feel passionate about, driven by purpose, challenged by adversity, lifted by the highs, and focussed on the possibilities for the future. Our guests are entrepreneurs, small business owners, brand builders, campaigners, creatives and visionaries.Welcome to a world in which the bold bring us Stories from the Edge. You will hear the tales of courageous people who have been through life or business challenges, turned them around and dare to share the lessons they learned. We are Lou Hamilton & Meredith Hepner-Chapman and we are the founders of the inspirational loungewear brand Brave New You Apparel. It all began with Lou's Brave New Girl books which also became apparel, films and podcasts. Brave New You TRIBE was created to celebrate the women in our community and the TRIBE podcast as a way of expressing the challenges and celebrations that we all face in our everyday lives. Every week, artist & illustrator, Lou interviews a real life Brave New Girl or guy, who has taken the road less travelled, faced adversity & learned the lessons along the way. Thank you for listening and please like, review & subscribe to keep up to date on all BRAVE NEW YOU TRIBE podcasts. The podcast series produced, guested & edited by Podstar - the Podcast PR agency. Want to know more about Brave New You or join the tribe - For more: Instagram @bravenewyouapparel @bravenewyoutribe @brave_newgirl @podstar_podcastpragency -Twitter @bravenewyouBNG @createlab @podstarpr

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