How to Pitch a Podcast in a Pandemic

Rhodes Music Radio

How to Pitch a Podcast in a Pandemic (HTPPP) is a think tank for dreaming up ideas for podcasts, based at the School of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) in Makhanda, South Africa. The podcast started in 2021 when a group of senior JMS students decided that it was time to convince the school to begin producing its own podcasts. Even if it was the middle of a pandemic. They recorded the journey of pitching the podcast to the school and captured this in the first season of HTPPP. In 2022, students in the school’s second-year program are again pitching podcast ideas. For Season Two of HTPPP, they produced a whole series of pilots, each dealing with a different podcast concept. Because even if Covid 19 is not yet done with us, life continues.

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