Coffee with Colby

Colby Reade

Coffee with Colby is a podcast about putting your best foot forward on your professional path, whatever that may be.Colby Reade has navigated the soaring highs and gut-punching lows that come with building two successful careers by your mid-30's. He's been promoted, recruited and earned several prestigious awards. He's also been chewed out, cursed at, fired and even had to dodge office supplies thrown by an enraged boss. Because of his experience, he's been tapped by hundreds of individuals and professional organizations for career advice and tips. On this podcast, Colby pulls from his own personal experience as well as thorough research from countless experts in the field of professional development to help listeners feel more prepared for whatever challenges the workplace may throw at them.From manager and team member dynamics to moving up the corporate ladder to starting your own business to figuring out how to balance personal challenges like your health and family relationships that will impact your days on the job, Colby tackles the stuff you don't learn in school but everyone should know how to handle.Episodes are bite-sized, running about 10-20 minutes each .... perfect to catch up on a commute or listen to in the moment over a cup of coffee should your boss go haywire on an average Tuesday. Note: This podcast is the sole expression and opinion of Colby Reade and is not representative of any clients or organizations he works with currently, as well as any organizations he has worked with in the past or may work with in the future.

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