Let's Veg About It Podcast

That Veggie Gurl: Holistic Chef, Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach

Let's Veg About It Podcast: Hosted by That Veggie Gurl-a retired teacher, stage 4 cancer survivor, turned holistic chef and mastered certified clinical health coach. In her coaching practice she has the privilege to work with individuals young and old, teaching them how to use food to thrive; not just survive in their daily lives. This podcast is devoted to giving you veggie wellness education, so you can learn how to cook veggies that will help you improve or manage your health issues. Join the “Veggie Slayer Crew”! Remember, Veggies Are Bae!Every week you’ll go on a veggie-tastic voyage. Listen to That Veggie Gurl as she answers questions with lesson plans that include: songs, raps, stories, and games. Of course, there will be homework, but who cares when the results include eating good food and having enriched health. You heard the bell so you know what it is—Its time for you to indulge in your taste buds, while you invest in your health.

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