This is the weekly podcast of the 2020 meditation project.The 2020 meditation project is a year long project to teach a new meditation, and provide support for it, each week throughout 2020. First of all I’d like to say thanks to all the supporters of my other podcasts: the restful mind podcast and the More than just mindfulness podcast.It’s been a source of constant inspiration to me to check my stats and discover people all over the world listening to the podcast, some of you quite regularly.I want to explain my plans for future podcasting, and for future meditation training online.Throughout 2020 and beyond, I will be offering the following things: Free of charge, you will get a weekly meditation on the new 2020 meditation podcast. Also free of charge, you will get an online meditation class that you can attend real-time, and is being broadcast on Sundays at 7pm UK time. Also free of charge is access to some sample content from my new 2020 meditation online meditation course..The 2020 meditation project will include a regular weekly, podcast. Starting On January 6, 2020, I shall only post podcasts on the 2020 meditation podcast show. 2020 meditation is my personal project to teach a different meditation or meditation practice each week throughout 2020 and beyond to a global audience. I will stop adding new episodes The Restful Mind podcast. As some of the meditations that I shall be teaching on the 2020 podcast will directly replace the ones on the restful mind podcast, at some point after January, I shall close the restful mind podcast. don’t be concerned if you’re a regular listener though, as the meditations on the 2020 podcast will be added to at the rate of about one per week.The purpose of the 2020 meditation course is to provide the consistent level of support that meditation students need throughout an entire year.To discover how to join the 2020 Meditation online course, or access any of the free resources, visit From there you can subscribe to our mailing list and you will be updated with information on how to join the course, how to access the free resources, such as the free sample meditation class from the course that I’ve made available, and you’ll be updated when a new podcast episode is published.Okay thanks for listening, and thanks for the support of all the listeners around the world and I’m looking forward to some of you joining me on the 2020 meditation project.Also, feel free to contact me directly by email. My email address is

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