Welcome to the more than just mindfulness podcast.This is a collection of Robert Mitchell’s weekly training sessions on the subjects of meditation, mindfulness, resilience, the mind and life.Robert teaches practices designed to reduce stress, anxiety and worry and promote clarity, calmness, focus and relaxation.These episodes are all live recorded one-hour meditation training sessions run in Bromley, London in the United Kingdom.Robert has taught over 5,000 students since 2013 in over 1,700 training sessions for individuals, groups and organisations.Our busy lives, and our busy minds work against us in the 21st century. To recover our humanity, connection and happiness we need to train our restless minds to be calm and relax.Subscribe to our podcast to hear the one-hour training sessions including fifteen minute talks on the topic of the week, guided meditations, meditation advice and guidance, stress management techniques, emotional resilience tools and explanations of how and why they work for us.If you are just looking for stand-alone meditations, check out our sister podcast: 'the restful mind'.

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