Welcome to the 2020 Meditation Podcast.My name is Robert Mitchell. This Podcast is the weekly podcast of the 2020 Meditation Online course which I have created and curated. The Course is a year long project, initially designed to teach a new meditation each week throughout 2020 and is now refocused on, for the duration of the crisis, teaching in areas of focus that are designed to support my students through this adversity, and in turn, help them to support their loved ones.This Podcast is a supporting resource of the 2020 Meditation Course to enable students to listen to meditations and training wherever they are.It contains a growing library of individual meditations and is also a repository of recorded training sessions given by me over the last two years.The Podcast is also free sample content for anyone interested in joining the course so they can learn whether the training is right for them before committing to joining the course.All of the details of the course, and links to the free online sample content on youTube, Facebook and Twitter, is available at https://2020meditation.comAbout MeI teach Mindfulness-Based Resilience and meditation through my personal brands of Bromley Mindfulness in London, England and my online presence of 2020 Meditation. I have taught over 5,000 students in around 2,000 training sessions.I work with individuals in groups, classes, courses, retreats, and personal online coaching.I have taught regularly in the UK National Health Service at Darent Valley Hospital since 2014 where over 800 staff have gone through my training.I also work with organizations and the local community directly and through my third sector and local community support partners.I offer concessions and pay-whatever-you-can-afford options for most of my training for the unwaged, disadvantaged and marginalized groups.My free sample 2020 Meditation podcast has received over 20,000 plays in the last year and has been growing at 30% per month since Mid 2019. In addition to the podcast, I provide regular free sample online classes and recorded video sessions on the 2020 meditation Facebook page. How to Support My Work Ideally, I would love you to join my course so you can be assured of regular new content, guidance and support but if you would prefer, you can always make a simple donation, single donations or regular subscriptions, of any amount through Patreon by visiting this link: https://www.patreon.com/RobertMitchellMindfulnessTo Learn MoreVisit: https://2020meditation.com/

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