WHO you become is more important than WHAT you achieve. Becoming > Achieving. The reason I started this podcast is because I believe that our society is primed and ready to dive deeply into the issues related to Character. People are realizing that Character Matters. Here are the reasons Character will be an incredibly important topic in the years to come. 1. You want to be a better you. 2. You don't want to be like "them". 3. You want to be a person that can be happy with yourself and the outcomes of your life. 4. You want to influence others to be better. 5. You truly want to make the world a better place and you realize that begins with a better you. This podcast has been created to focus on the topic of personal character development. It is my intention to provide great, relevant content on the topic of character development and to suggest tools and resources that will further enhance your striving to become who you have the potential to become. It is my hope that as we journey together that I can help you understand how the world really works and how you relate to it, relate to yourself, relate to others and relate to God as well.Yes, there is a faith based element to my podcast but my intention is to never be preachy but to simply use all of the "best" resources to explain, illustrate and apply universal PRINCIPLES so that you can live life abundantly. My hope is that by being engaged with this podcast you will be able to make the changes in your life you want to make, improve the areas you want to improve, become the person you want to become and create the future that you want to create. Who can benefit from this podcast? People who want to begin their personal growth journey. People who want to improve their mindset and attitude. People who lead others. People who want to get the most out of life. People who want to add value to others. People who want to be better at what they do. People who want to change or improve improve their lives.

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