Skill is a podcast exploring the future of work, education, and technology in the United States. Each week, Micah Merrick, author of "Rethink the MBA", interviews guests from education startups & skill academies; non-profits & Fortune 500 companies, to understand how the worlds of work and education are changing because of technology. One the one hand, Micah is the product of the traditional higher education system, with a Bachelor's degree from Penn State and an MBA from the Wharton School. On the other hand, Micah is deeply skeptical that higher education is keeping pace with technological changes that require students to obtain skills, rather than branded credentials. Ultimately, he believes that the future of work and education will focus on skills, not degrees. Micah brings to bear over 15 years of experience in startups and venture capital, from Silicon Valley to Boston, and guides you through the problems at hand. If you are trying to understand how work and education are changing, outside of the traditional higher education system, this podcast is for you.

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