Whisper is a young street thief who’d rather read than steal; Talee is an absent minded orphan with an uncanny memory and a penchant for making trouble. These unwilling partners find themselves bound in their journey: They’re going to Iro. They’re going to be mages. But before they can even leave the confines of Lakewall, troubles rise. Never mind breaking the mold and become mages: first they need to survive. The Stonesinger Chronicles is a serial epic fantasy story. With a combination of enthralling and dynamic narration, selective but wonderful sound design, and a sweeping score that makes you feel like your riding through fields on a horse, or battling a Sovereign in a dark cave, The Stonesinger Chronicles pulls you in from the beginning till the very end and leaves you wanting more. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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