Stuck in the Mud Podcast is taken from my new book Stuck in the Mud. Stuck in the Mud is available everywhere and you can find out more from my goodreads profile. Description: Framed around twelve real-life sticking points in John Prockter's life, this book offers us hope in a faithful God and a pathway through difficult times. John encourages us to engage with Scripture in a new and inspiring way, allowing Jesus to bring the freedom we all need to live our lives authentically. Frank yet approachable, Stuck in the Mud? is an ideal guide for those wanting to engage in the ups and downs of discipleship. Reviews: I love this book. It's real, earthy, honest, funny, challenging, inspiring, practical, and written in John's unique style. Great for adults and young people alike which is a rare thing. Definitely one to move to the top of your book reading list today! Matt Summerfield Senior Pastor: Zeo Church Stuck In The Mud - What an amazing book. A heart warming read yet challenging and thought provoking. John Prockter is a man who doesn't just talk the talk but walks the walk and this book displays that in bucket loads. This is the perfect book for youth leaders and even young people to delve into the issues that often surround our faith and discipleship journey. It reminds us of what it takes to live out our faith authentically in the everyday. There were moments when I laughed and moments when I felt profoundly confronted, there were moments when I felt encouraged and deeply challenged. This book will evoke a response on many levels but one thing's for sure, you will be changed as a result. Grace Wheeler Head of Evangelism: Youth For Christ I loved this book. I found it an incredibly helpful and very clear resource, perfect for when you're feeling like you've hit a bit of a personal and spiritual rut. The mix of personal stories and Biblical reflections makes it concurrently readable and meaningful - and that's a great combo! Martin Saunders Director of Innovation & Satellites Festival: Youthscape

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