Some of the most respected business owners and artists in photography are our guests. We are creating building blocks to help you develop a stronger foundation for your business and marketing skillsets, and sometimes even for your life! Join us each Thursday for a podcast that explores photography at its core! The "Mind Your Own Business" podcast is a collaborative effort between Photofocus and Skip Cohen University. Join Skip Cohen and Chamira Young as they talk with a leader in imaging who shares ideas that will help you become a stronger more well-rounded business owner and artist. The "Photofocus Roundtable" podcast, hosted by Ron Pepper and Rob Moroto as they dive into a specific topic for photographers. Finally, the Photofocus "Q&A Show" seeks to answer your burning photography questions. Be sure to ask your questions at Stay tuned to for help with all your photography questions, inspiration, how-to’s along with lots more great podcasts. Thank you for listening.

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