Take 10 with Will Luden

Will Luden

Take 10 With Will Luden is centered on blending personal responsibility with being our Brother's Keepers. Blended, because neither stands alone. When this is done well, and we talk about how to do that, we create better lives for ourselves, our communities and the nation. I have been podcasting for years, pulling together my decades of experience as a high-tech CEO, two years by the banks of the Charles River in the Harvard B-School, 3 years, 2 months and 25 days (but who’s counting?) in the Army, including 27 months in the Far East, and a lifetime of rich experiences, including many successes as well as failures, to deliver insights, well researched facts, questions and calls to action. These episodes will give you specific information, combined with ways to think things through, that you can use to clarify and grow your thinking on the issues of the day. And to know how to take action on the issues that are important to you. I focus on culture, because politics is downstream from culture. I touch on religion because culture is downstream from religion. A recurring theme is that we, not they, are the ones who need to make things work. We are the people in charge, not the politicians. We, not the corporate chieftains. We, not our neighbors. We. Us. Together. We make it happen, or it happens to us.

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