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Krishna Kumar

This is Straight off digital Show, Where Digital Marketing Made Easy! Hey, My name is Krishna Kumar and I have been doing Social Media Marketing for the last 4 years and I have worked with almost 45 plus brands. I am specialized in helping brands and companies to grow their social media page, along with some amazing 5x sales through paid marketing.THAT'S IT, LET'S TALK ABOUT THE PODCAST The objective of this podcast -My main agenda of this podcast is to deliver high-quality content and share whatever I have learned from the masters.Why you should listen to my podcast?Since we all know there is so many podcast related to digital marketing and it is hosted by the top professional, so why you should listen to my podcast?1. All the podcast is a quick bite-sized podcast which is easy to consume.2. I have tried to simplify the topic so that you can learn easily.3. Also, at the end of every podcast, I am going to giveaway some bonus tips.(PS- Which I wish I should have know when I was starting my digital journey)AND MUCH MUCH MOREWhat you can expect on this podcast?PURE VALUABLE CONTENT!Yes, I'm going to talk about digital marketing tips, tricks tools, Social Media Updates and Interviews with the industry experts.ExcitedSo plug in your headphone and join this ride!

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