Improve Your Hustle

Kendall E. Bonner

Improve Your Hustle is here to empower and inspire real estate brokers and real estate agents to improve their skills, systems, and strategies for sales, marketing, and business development. Seek and find leverage in your career and it will allow you to passionately pursue and achieve your life vision. What’s the mission and purpose of your business? Of your Life? Let my guests and I help you discover your path and give you tips and tricks you need in order to achieve entelechy. You are in pursuit of entelechy if you are tired of the potential of things, and are ready, willing, and able to take VITAL action and make your dreams reality. Let’s have some fun while we LEARN more how to’s, tips, marketing strategies, and other trainings on the real estate sales business, to EARN more! By the way, if you would like a copy of my show outlines – I need you to do three things for me! Leave a review, share the podcast with a friend, and then send me a DM with your review, the episode # and your email. I’m happy to email you my notes on the episode! Don't forget - "So...You Think You Want to Be A Real Estate Agent" by Kendall E. Bonner, Ann Carlson, & Teresa RogersJoin My Facebook Group to continue our discussion! Find me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube! #LevelUp,Kendall

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