All the scattered pieces

Kathryn Asher

Helping you put the scattered pieces of yourself back together again. I am a Somatic Psycho-logist (Soul logic) that looks at the body, mind and soul as a whole and how I can help you go in search of the missing or disconnected pieces in order to become whole once more. Bring me a wave separate from the ocean and I will show you a person separate from the Universe. Reconnecting back to self I am in the process of completing my work in the form of my 1st book titled 'Lights, Camera, Action' where I aim to create an understanding of where we are, why we're here and WHO we are in order to CREATE our place here using our own exalted empowerment and sovereignty. You can follow along this journey in daily motion picture format via instagram @ I am also working on a 30 day embodiment course where I aim to put my practice in to something that can be used as a guide for those seeking assistance on their embodiment journey. I was hoping to get these out ready for Christmas 2022 but, life got in the way and I am now looking closer to Feb / March 2023 I also work in the animal health sector and after a decade in Veterinary fields, I am also co-host and Director of a research platform for those that work within the field of ONE HEALTH that embodies Environmental health, Animal health and Human health under an interconnected and inclusive principle. Very much like our own individual embodiment journey this looks at how to connect the dots across the professional platforms of the far greater universe and all those that live among it. If you would like to listen to our ONE HEALTH podcasts please check us out at fortisonehealth and you can support our projects via our main page should you wish! Thank you for tuning in

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