On the show I interview creators, entrepreneurs and nonconformists who’ve created change, started movements, stand for what they believe. This show is for you, if you are a small business owner, creative entrepreneur, solopreneur, thinking of starting a business, growing a business or start a movement. I dig deep into their motivations, decision making, vulnerabilities and understand how listeners can actually act on these lessons. Instead of taking people with accomplishments and showcasing their expertise to my listeners, I try to take experts and look them through the lens of the work and vulnerabilities to see them as humans. The conversations are focused around topics that are relevant to business, career, mindset and life lessons with award-winning filmmakers, podcasters, YouTubers, small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, journalists, startup CEOs, designers, artists, comedians, fashion designers, millionaires, underdogs and many more. Topics we cover include starting a podcast, growing a business, fighting anxiety and stress, starting a business from scratch, pitching your business to investors, receiving and processing feedback, building products, pricing products and services, social media strategy, digital marketing strategy, relationship building, staying focused, managing work life balance, women entrepreneurs, to help you better run your business, scale a hobby or passion and grow as a creator, solopreneur and entrepreneur.

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