Consent & Consequences with Brent Sanders

Brent Sanders & Byron Dempsey

Sexual Assault crimes are far too high. This podcast aims to provide in-depth education when it comes to: Sexual assault awareness, Consent, Age, Alcohol, The Law- Definitions And so much more...Join Byron Dempsey as he interviews Brent Sanders across an eight-episode series that deep dives into this serious topic of sexual assault. Brent Sanders is one of Australia’s most respected communicators in the field of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination. He also presents lectures throughout Australia on sexual crime, criminal profiling and personal safety in senior secondary schools and universities. Over two decades, Brent has provided more than 850 000 people with the tools and mindset to create a harassment-free work environment or to understanding the dynamics of sexual crime, offender psychology and self-protection. Whether he is training or lecturing, Brent is renowned for his ability to communicate delicate, sensitive subject matter in a unique, empowering and inspirational way. Together, Byron and Brent both believe that by proving this information to more young people, the rates of sexual crime could drastically decrease. And if the information shared in this podcast helps one person from either committing a crime as horrible as this or having a crime like this committed on them, then this podcast has been a success. We hope you enjoy

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