A podcast about the adventure of career change, inviting guests to share their unique experiences of starting something completely new. We talk about what led them to making the decision, how things are going, what challenges they have come across, and what they really love about what they do. This podcast aims to share the ups and downs of change, the not knowing, to show the human side of career change and how different people handle it. Guests are encouraged to talk about their worries and challenges along the way so that listeners can relate to their experiences. Some of my guests are at the beginning or early stages of change and share their experiences of taking the first steps. We explore why people want change, why it can feel really difficult sometimes, how experiences differ, and how people are choosing creative and adventurous approaches. At the end of each episode my guests ask you, the listener, a question for you to take away and think about. This show is hosted by Sarah Lister, a career coach and mentor living in the Peak District, who works with people from an approach that is focused on freedom, creativity and a sense of adventure. Visit abouttheadventure.com to find out more about her work. To support this podcast, Sarah has opened a patreon community where people can connect to explore career change and to support each other. Please take a look at what's on offer: www.patreon.com/abouttheadventure

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