The Boat Fight Network is a creative endeavor based in Asheville, NC. We proudly feature Boat Fight, 2 Tickets To The Boat Show, Shootin' The Ship, Monkey Movie Mondays, and Fudge Times. Boat Fight is an improv variety podcast that is set up as a meta/office comedy? I guess... anyway it’s crazy and you should check it out. And also Amy. 2 Tickets To The Boat Show gives our intrepid crew a chance to unwind and you dear listeners, a true glimpse as to who they really are. Monkey Movie Mondays with Chris and Benny features the two discussing various movies and television shows that have the titular animal in them... even tangentially. Subscribe to us on Itunes and to get in touch email us at Follow us on FaceBook and Instagram @Boat Fight Productions, @Boat Fight, and @Monkey Movie Mondays Check us out at and Get your official Cheddar Time shirt at

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