The big question is this ... How do value-obsessed leaders ascend their business and life to world-class levels of effectiveness, even if they're inside a bureaucracy or starting from scratch with absolutely no capital? That is the question. And this podcast is going to bring you the answer. My name is Doug Utberg, and this is the Terminal Value podcast. My journey to the Terminal Value Podcast began on April 20, 2020 when I was terminated from my corporate job for no cause and without any notice. After this setback, I resolved to pivot my career toward serving value-obsessed leaders to provide the tools that they need to generate world-class results. The reason why I decided to create the Terminal Value podcast is that I wanted to bring authentic, actionable insights to founders and executives for the purpose of ascending their businesses to world-class. Over the course of my career, I have encountered a lot of ‘scripted’ information that was generated by people in academia or was rehearsed to come across without the appearance of flaws or errors. However, real life is not rehearsed or scripted. The people out in the ‘real world’ are figuring out how to adapt to the business environment in real-time. My personal journey started in Scouts BSA and the Marine Corps where I learned the importance of adaptability and hard work. As my career in Finance progressed through the Technology industry, I encountered people who created exceptional value and people who principally looked out for themselves. Over time, I felt a moral conflict developing within my mind as I observed that simply being good at what I did was not adequate to reach the top of the corporate ladder. My mental model had always been built around doing what was best for my people and best for my team. Regardless of whether you are in a start-up or a global enterprise, the fundamentals of quality decisions and effective growth remain consistent. Going further, I have always believed that it is critically important to be authentic in our leadership and interactions with other people. Because of this, I decided to seek out thought leaders and executive decision-makers so that we could bring their authentic stories to our audience of founders and executive decision-makers. Every episode is architected to bring both useful information and action strategies that can be implemented immediately to generate real value for your team and your business. For my part, I work with founders and executive decision-makers to enhance the financial and organizational results of their businesses. My key areas of service for clients are: • Contract-Based Expense Reduction • Hiring new Rockstar Employees • Revenue Growth Optimization To learn more, please visit my website – www.TerminalValue.Biz

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