The Really Good Ideas Show

Neil Long and Nicola Richards

We want to supply motivation, inspiration, how people follow their dreams, overcame things and achieved wonderful things. We stream to the world on I-Tunes, or you can listen to any show that takes your fancy.Motivation, Turnarounds, Breakthroughs, Success Strategies, Happiness, How to do stuff, Dreams Coming True...Law of Attraction, Reasons to Feel Good, Confidence, Knowing Your Worth, Positive Psychology....Put more simply, encouraging you to follow your dreams, while making ours come true! Brilliant strategies, stunning knowledgeable guests, and 2 vibrant presenters, one with heels.Join our mailing list to grab our FREE audio "How to Be More Confident", and our 10 Point Joy Manifest-O on of all the bad news in the world? Come this way.

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