Speak Your Piece: a podcast about Utah's history

Brad Westwood, Senior Public Historian, Utah Dept. of Heritage & Arts

The past is never truly “in the past.” It’s all around us, it informs us. It speaks to our shared and to our separate identities. “Speak Your Piece” is a podcast where contributors share their insights and discoveries about Utah's history. Hosted by Brad Westwood, Senior Public Historian (Utah Department of Heritage & Arts), "Speak Your Piece" is published every other week (sometime more sometimes less). During the first and second seasons the show was produced in two thirty minute segments. Starting in December 2020, the show will be recorded as one continous hour, with a break halfway. SYP explores general topics: a book or article's key arguments, a database’s unique material, or an exhibit’s compelling story. SYP seeks to tell the stories you may not have heard before, told by a cross-section of Utah historians, curators and archaeologists, as well as rare book dealers, archivists, librarians, and more.The podcast is recorded and engineered at the Studio Underground at Stokes & Associates in Salt Lake City. Conner Sorenson is the sound and post-production engineer. The SYP logo is a photograph entitled "Canyonlands," taken by Utah outdoor photographer Al W. Morton, circa 1955, within the Canyonlands National Park (NPS). The lone man in the image is Kent Frost, looking over a series of needle rock formations located in San Juan County, Utah. The image and rights are owned by the Utah State Historcial Society.

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