This podcast goes onto the root and the belief shifts that have motivated one to keep going in life. What had kept them from not giving up, to keep trying, without ending it all, to finally achieve the level of productivity and fulfillment they now have in their life? In each episode, we will share about the worthwhile journey, the roller coaster that did seem at times neverending, and the true secrets to overcoming the fears and blocks for one to create a life they now love, and in which they wouldn't have known if they hadn't hold on to and kept riding the waves along the way. What can Patience & beliefs teach us as we go through hardships? It is for us to discover the unique ways it shows up in our life. Do you struggle to do the things you need to do to follow your purpose and create a life of bliss?Learn how to get to the core of your motivation, productivity and drive by challenging your current state of thought and beliefs that is not working for you. When we get to this Worthwhile state, it takes us closer to our greatest achievement. One day, one step at a time, one thought, one shift, we are creating a worthwhile life. Meggie Houle is a hypnotherapist, spinal cord injury survivor, an inherited family trauma specialist, and energy medicine practitioner, she is a Qi gong and a lifelong spiritual truth seeker, and it's second nature for her to recognize patterns and share the intricate ways of holistic healing, subconscious reprogramming, true purpose and finding happiness and peace in one's life.

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