There is a great revival of interest in the Sanskrit language. In India, this revival is due to the realization that our ancient heritage has come down to us through the medium of Sanskrit; that almost all our languages owe their being, either directly or indirectly, to Sanskrit; that there is a tremendous amount of literature available in Sanskrit for us to enjoy; and finally that we need a language other than English that we can call our own and take pride in. Outside India, this revival is due to the realization that Sanskrit, as the earliest of the Classical languages, has contributed immensely not only to the other Classical languages, but also to the current languages; and so a study of these languages and of the civilizations in the world will not be complete without a good understanding of Sanskrit. Some excerpts from my upcoming book "Our Mother Tongue: 108 Facts about Sanskrit" are presented in the episodes of this podcast series. Enjoy. Visit my websites for Sanskrit lessons and other interesting inputs and my author website for details of my books Tags: 108 facts, about Sanskrit, abugida, Analysis, Appreciation, Close Reading, Euphonics, Greatness of Sanskrit, History of Sanskrit, Indo-European, Indus Valley script, Kalidasa, Mother Tongue, our mother tongue, Panini, Pratishakhya, Revival of Sanskrit, Roots, Sandhi, Sanskrit Language, Semantics, Syntax, Upcoming book, Vedic Sanskrit

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