Who is that?

Storm × Anon

We live online. We share our Twitter handles, not our phone numbers; people know you from your posts, not your physical presence; terabytes of data are created, posted and stored online every day, and every minute scrolling Instagram consumes 1.5 megabytes of it. But how many of those minutes do you spend thinking about what apps and websites know about you? Can we control and protect the data that we share voluntarily — or involuntarily? How vulnerable is our privacy? “Who is that?” explores the hidden world of data breaches, legislative flaws and behavioral traps of the online space. Each episode takes on a different facet of life online with cyber experts, security advocates, lawyers, activists and researchers telling the real story about the pluses and pitfalls awaiting us in the digital world. This show is created by Storm, a podcast production studio, and Anon, creative anonymous conscious social network. Check it out at https://anonym.network and download the app to explore the bright side of anonymity.

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