The Automatic Insurance Agency

Wade Galt, CPCU, CLU

This show teaches Insurance Agency Owners how to Help More People & Make More Money... In Less Time... Doing What You Do Best.We share proven fundamentals, strategies, and tools that equip you to build a team of professionals dedicated to growing their income & your agency. If you're ready to start living the life and creating the business you imagined when you first got started, you're in the right place. Topics will includeTeam Member CompensationAgency Profitability (Overall and by Team Member)Marketing Success & ROISocial Media Marketing & Network Marketing StrategiesMultiline Sales Process Implementation to Increase Client Reviews, Life & Health Insurance, Mutual Fund, & Other Financial Service SalesTeam Member Role ClarityAccountabilitySales Activity OptimizationStaffing for Optimum Profit & Building the Agency DynastyRecruiting Process for Superstars (Retention Experts, Auto / Fire Acquisition Specialists, Multiline Review Experts & Agency Automators)DelegationWorking a 4 Days per Week or Less while Maintaining Excellent ResultsLifestyle Optimization (Creating the Life You Most Desire Outside of Work)  About Wade Galt, CPCU, CLUWade has 35+ years in the Multiline Insurance Agency Industry...8 years’ experience as a part-time team member in a multiline insurance agency7 years as a productive employee in a Fortune 35 Multiline Insurance Company (2 years in claims, 5 years in Agency Sales Management & Training plus as a Subject Matter Expert for Sales Process Software Design)Over 20 years as a software company founder & owner, corporate consultant, sales process implementation coach, accountability expert, recruiter of superstar talentProvider of mental health counseling (psychology) servicesLife coach and 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur Wade's Innovations in the Multiline Insurance Industry include...INVENTOR of the SMART Bonus SystemCREATOR of the Automatic Insurance Agency Coaching ProgramDEVELOPER of the 80/20 Multiline Insurance Sales Process & The Family Insurance Coach ProgramFOUNDER of 3-Day Weekend Club (and the 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur Coaching Program) Wade practices (and enjoys) what he preaches and enjoys a 3-day weekend over 90% of the time.Learn more about Wade on Linked In. 

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