Badass Is the New Skinny

Sabrina Black

Being a badass is about owning your shit. It’s about honest self-reflection, looking your fear in the face, and saying, “Hey, you classy bitch. I see you. I get it. But I won’t let you hold me back.” Being a badass is about finding and using your most authentic voice, even when your opinion isn’t popular. (But we badasses are respectful. Speaking our truth without being an asshole in the process. Just sayin’.) Reconnecting with your inner badass is a journey. It takes daily effort and intention, a great deal of reflection, courage, and normalizing the “abnormal.” Badass Is the New Skinny is where we’ll have conversations about the thoughts, feelings, and actions that contribute to your inner badassery. You’ll hear more about how I navigate the shit show of being a type-A, neurotic, people-pleaser who cares way too much what other people think, and what I’ve learned along the way. You’ll get all the tips, tricks, self-care, self-grace, habits, behaviors, questions, and more that helped me take on my fears and figure out my shit. So join me for new episodes every Thursday, and let’s celebrate the struggle, the wins, the lessons, and all that good stuff on this journey to feel like our best and most empowered badass.

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