Dashaun No Sadè

Dashaun Wesley

Dashaun Wesley has been a fixture in the dance, vogue, and ballroom community for decades.As the inimitable host of HBO Max's "LEGENDARY" for three seasons, Dashaun exposed the world to the culture and history of ballroom and vogue. Now you can get an up close and personal look into Dashaun's world with the launch of his new series, "DASHAUN NO SADÈ," available on YouTube and as a podcast on all major platforms.Dashaun has wowed crowds internationally with his style & charismatic personality. His vast accomplishments have earned him international acclaim and Icon status in the ballroom scene and beyond.With "NO SADÈ," Dashaun demystifies ballroom, the culture, history, and personalities that have kept the scene alive for decades. Dashaun interviews celebrities, movers and shakers, icons and legends from the ballroom community, and more.This show is a wild ride, and make sure you're on board! 

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