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John Coleman PKT, PST, LSFT, Thinkers360 top 10

Daily meetings are common in Product Management, DevOps, Lean, Agile, and Lean/Agile. Kanplexity™ is no exception. Stop starting, start finishing. If you'd like to ask a question, leave a voice message via https://anchor.fm/dailyflow/message. John Coleman - top 10 Thinkers360.com - sweet spots are Scrum, Kanban, Kanplexity™, Lean-UX, and LeSS. https://orderlydisruption.com https://kanbanguides.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/johncolemanagilitychef/ https://www.instagram.com/johncolemanagilitychef/ https://www.youtube.com/JohnColemanagilitychef https://twitter.com/JohnColemanIRL

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