The Abstract is a resource for people to obtain information and insight on mental health, along with tools for their own mental health journey. In every episode we shall discuss concepts within psychology and wellness, while providing the listener with questions, examples, and opinions on the things we discuss for them to consider and relate to. The goal is to arm the general public with resources and information that they themselves can use every day as they embark on their journey through life in the pursuit of happiness and growth. We are all researchers and scientists of our lives. We create hypotheses every day: from eyeing how much salt to put in what youʼre cooking to creating relationships with people who at one point were considered strangers. Our experiences thereafter either support or reject what we hypothesized, or hoped for, as the end result. And sure life has a introduction/beginning, is filled with cliffhanging discussions, technical explanation of methods, and a conclusion/end. But this is The Abstract. Follow The Abstract on Twitter @notthebookbut and Instagram: @this.should.fix.everything

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