The Get: Finding And Keeping The Best Marketing Leaders in B2B SaaS

Erica Seidel

Hiring great marketing leaders is not easy. Neither is keeping them! The Get is designed to inspire smart decisions around recruiting and leadership in B2B SaaS marketing. For our 4th season, we're focused on one theme: Solving for the Scale Journey. You'll learn about how to scale up efficiently while avoiding "peanut butter marketing" (being spread too thin), how to be a CMO who thinks like a CFO, how to budget like a boss, how to hire for hypergrowth, how to use your conversations with the CEO and the Board to see if a CMO opportunity is worth saying yes to. Join me, Erica Seidel, as I explore the trends, tribulations, and triumphs of today's top marketing leaders in B2B Saas on The Get!

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