Truth Will Set You Free is a livestream show about politics, society issues and current affairs, with a mission to create open dialogue between conservative and liberal parties.Hosted by national speaker and #Bethechange founder Anthony Russo, and with special guests Aaron Smalls and Curtis Harkness, the weekly show is an open forum for online and offline discussion. On each episode, they'll separate opinion from facts, logic from emotion, and debate what happens when we start to share our "opinions" as facts. Don't be a #socialmediawarrior instead, be a #changeagent with an #openmind.Join the live discussion on Tuesdays at 5:30 Eastern time on Facebook and YouTube. This time is subject to weekly time shifts based on guest availability. To support the Podcast, please visit #BeTheChange's official Patreon account: to the official #BeTheChange pages: more about Anthony Russo and how you can be a part of the Movement:

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