Leaders Lead With Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor

Leaders Lead the Podcast   Hey, this is Tony Taylor, I am the host of Leaders Lead the Podcast! I've used my story on stage with the purpose of inspiring humans to step out of fear into purpose. I also coach emerging leaders to overcome their fear of public speaking. I’m excited that you've made the decision to share space with this community.  Ok, let’s talk about the podcast.  Have you ever wondered, how is that person or company so great? During our 45-minute show, we get to the bottom of it! Leaders Lead was created out of curiosity. During the pandemic, I started reaching out to industry leaders that inspired me to be great. I had no idea that these conversations would turn into mentorship sessions and that the recordings would eventually become a top 5% global podcast.  During the first season, I discovered a similarity between all our amazing guests. The commonality was that they had all overcome odds that most would say were impossible. During the show, we take a journey down some of the saddest roads taken.  Yes, there are tears during the show, and many are from me. I really get in my feelings when I see someone break out of their struggle to go on and become great. There is no hack or secret. They just never gave up! I know our community needs to be inspired. Heck, I need to be inspired! This show will not only inspire you, but we give you a tangible guide to follow. I believe in the adage of turning your pain into someone else’s survival guide. I would love for you to become a part of my community. Please subscribe to the show, leave a review, and let us know how we can serve you.   We appreciate you!   Tony

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