Coffee & Counseling: A Mental Health Podcast

Cristina Ally and Cherlette McCullough

Coffee and Counseling is a monthly podcast discussing all things mental health. It's comforting, honest, helpful and entertaining. Join the hosts Cristina Ally, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Cherlette McCullough, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, as they share insights on mental wellness, physical health, and spiritual growth. This podcast will give you an in-depth look at therapeutic insights and although counseling sessions are confidential, this podcast opens the door for you to understand the art of flourishing for the ultimate center peace in counseling. Cristina has a private practice in Winter Park, Florida called Flourish Counseling Co. and specializes in women's trauma recovery. Visit her website at Cherlette has had a private practice for a number of years in Winter Park, FL called Center Peace Couples and Family Therapy and specializes in working with couples and families. Visit her website at

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