There are those that believe to practise Tai Chi without tradition or without confirmed lineage, is simply a waste of time - or shadow boxing. It is an art that lacks substance like Bean Curd lacks solidity. But Bean Curd Boxers beg to differ. We claim that Bean Curd is the ultimate yielding substance, it maintains its shape and form, and is sold at a fair price.Additionally, it can be superbly crisp when deep fried and absorbs insults like it absorbs flavours. Bean Curd is a fine symbol of the adaptability of 21st Century Tai Chi."Be Like Bean Curd My Friend."Said Bruce Lee. (Well, something like that).At times, all Traditions need waking up. This is the aim of the Bean Curd Boxer, to shake up tradition, challenge all claims of absoluteness and giggle in the face of rigidity and dogma.To find out about the Application of Bean Curd Philosophy to your life... join us at

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