The Climate Conscious Podcast, is an independent project for communication and advocacy on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability relevant to the Caribbean and Small Island Developing States. Recognising the disconnect between the global climate conversation dominated by the views and voices of the developed world, and the lived experience of the Global South The Climate Conscious Podcast was born. The podcast sets out to:Firstly, provoke mindfulness and stimulate non-technical discussions on the risks and impacts of global climate change, as well as the measures that can be taken to address them. Secondly, the podcast amplifies the voices of Caribbean climate change stakeholders and any relevant efforts for mitigation or adaptation. Thirdly, this resource increases public awareness on issues of climate change and environmental sustainability in and around the region.We use the medium of podcasting to engage a diverse audience, to own our experiences, to capture learnings, and to tell our stories with authenticity and an appreciation for the nuance of the Caribbean context. Join us every other Wednesday all major podcast platforms. @theclimateconscious

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