As the saying goes, a successful relationship takes two to tango. We all want to have healthy relationships or improve our relationships, but how do we actually have successful partnerships filled with passion, fun, and harmony?Welcome to The 22Tango Show with Linda Sutton, a podcast that explores how we can improve all of our relationships - with God and self, with our intimate partner, and with our family, community, nature, and nations. Join Linda every week and see relationships as a partnership through the lens of tango. Receive insights and “aha’ moments in understanding your partner. Learn to have a true heart to heart with the ones you love, and build well-rounded relationship skills that can be applied to every area of your life.Argentine tango is a figurative, literal, and physical reflection of the relationship between a man and a woman, and the dynamic of masculine and feminine energies in a relationship. How we interact in interpersonal relationships can be seen in how we interact in all relationships.An exceptional trainer, inspirational speaker, instructor, and performer, as well as an expert in world dance and cultural art forms, Linda Sutton has the unique ability to translate relationship dynamics through the lens and practice of tango. She is the Executive Producer of the award-winning television show The 22Tango Show with Linda Sutton for over 10 years and is an international performing and recording artist with extensive experience in designing and facilitating cultural entertainment for diverse audiences of all ages.  Additionally, Sutton and her team launched the 22Tango Television Channel on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV streaming TV platforms.  She is the author of The 22Tango Experience: Taking the First Step, Koukou: Crazy with Joy, and Ekonkon: The Rice Harvest Dance books and multimedia kits. She has also released two music recordings: Interplay the strings project, a world music spoken word album, and ASHE! the Next Step, a cultural music and storytelling project for school-age children.Linda’s mission is the facilitation of optimal physical, mental, emotional, fiscal, and spiritual health—through a healthy lifestyle centered on holistic nutrition and movement. Through her books, seminars, and culinary experiences, Sutton intends to lead the next lifestyle revolution. Filled with a level of passion and energy that continually leaves her audiences spellbound, Linda creates experiences that speak to the human spirit, creating a dance with words that stimulates the mind, body, and soul.Tune in to The 22Tango Show as each show features actionable insights and tips you can use immediately to improve your relationships. The Battle of the Sexes ends here. Join Linda Sutton and take advantage of the amazing resources designed to improve all of your relations while having fun every step of the way!

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