The Rebellious Body

Elizabeth Martin-Chan

Join Elizabeth Martin-Chan in pursuit of personal empowerment hidden in the mysterious embodied self. Together we will disturb the brain/body hierarchy, which places the brain on a pedestal while dismissing and shaming body wisdom, so that you can begin to reconnect with self. As our autonomous source of knowing, our body does not lie; yet most of us are too numb to hear what it has to say. Shift your perspective, and discover techniques so you can build a deeply passionate relationship with yourself. Elizabeth, The Witchy Empowerment Coach, has travelled the arduous road from disempowered survival to a life grounded in BEing, and is committed to the life long pilgrimage. Her body is a cauldron of experiences; and her studies in menstruality and womb medicine, embodied healing and mindbody therapy, Pilates, Chakradance, Montessori education, collectively with a solid science background, create a uniquely brewed perspective. Learn about somatics, radical self-love, cyclical nature, menstruation, and your power cauldron (aka the pelvic bowl), so you can re-member who you are. A mixture of solo and interview shows uncloaking the body and its rebellious possibilities. You don’t want to miss a single episode, so hit subscribe and prepare to explore your embodied wisdom.

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