Host Andrea Bailey-Brown, MBA is a former teacher turned award- winning entrepreneur. She has been a multi-unit franchise owner with Jiffy Lube for the past 12 years. She has grown those businesses to over 8 figures, and her locations have been used as the training site for new franchise owners. She is also a Franchise Consultant and Business Growth Strategist at Bailey Brown Business Consulting. She helps franchise and business owners to double sales and increase profitability in their business. The Franchise Success Show will shed light on how to choose the right franchise for you, how to set your business up so that it can be franchised, how to avoid the most costly and common mistakes that franchisees make. Andrea will share the facts and what it takes to build a multi-million dollar company, and the strategies that are working in the franchise industry. You will hear from leading franchise and business experts as well as many franchisors and franchisees who are in the process of growing their franchised business. If you aren’t currently a franchisee or in the franchise industry, but you have dreams of business ownership, this podcast will also give you insights in to the franchise industry that isn’t available anywhere else. Andrea’s approach to business and the franchise world is authentic and real. She ventured into entrepreneurship when she bought her first business while she was in her third year of University. Since then she has bought, built and scaled businesses in multiple industries. Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe today for everything you need to make your business a success!

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