Don't Eat Your Young: A Nursing Podcast

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Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young — the podcast that brings you stories from the trenches of the incredible, wonderful, exhausting, terrifying, joyous world of nursing. Host Beth Quaas been in the world of nursing for nearly decades and has worked in hospitals large and small. She's worn the hats of the floor nurse, ICU, ER, and anesthesia. She's been a manager, an educator, and a co-worker. On Don't Eat Your Young, Beth highlights stories from nurses around the country that are doing amazing things for their nursing colleagues to support them and let them know that they are not alone. This is a show celebrating a positive culture of nursing and care, and we can be a part of this culture by sharing wins — and struggles — across the field. We will also explore opportunities that are unique in nursing that may inspire you to go in new directions. These voices from the field are an inspiration to care for yourself, and those around you. Subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts. For more information and to support this show, visit Nurses. Making our world better, one shift at a time!